Workshop – Optimizing Team Culture Introduction

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In this new workshop we will address a common challenge for (HR) leaders in teams and companies: how can we facilitate a high-performance culture where different personalities can flourish?

Both startup companies and established organisations struggle with these and related culture problems. Team members become disengaged, talents are hard to attract and conflicts increase when we don’t find better ways to work with the ‘soft side’ of our company.

Luckily there are emerging insights from research at companies with successful cultures on what constitutes high-performing teams. Combined with cutting-edge science from the fields of neurobiology and complex systems, unique tools are now available to empower leaders and HR directors within companies to make a change in their culture.

This workshop will give a fundamental introduction into the surprising factors that really matter in establishing a high-performance culture. Participants will receive important knowledge and tools to start making a shift in their team or company culture.

 Find out what principles really matter for a high-performing culture

Get insights from cutting-edge neurobiology that improve your impact in team(s)

 Add more value to your company to attract and retain talent in your team(s)

 Full day workshop, all facilities included (room, drinks, lunch)

Please note that there is a minimum group size of 5 people for this workshop.

Extra informatie

Date & Time

May 12th, 2017
10:00 – 18:00

Group size

Min. 5 participants
Max. 20 participants


English when there are international participants, otherwise Dutch

How to use

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