Workshop – Optimizing Focus

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One of the most common questions people ask is how to improve their focus. Few people have been lucky to have spent time on the subject of focus and achieving goals during their formal education. This workshop will provide you with a solid understanding of focus: how it actually works from the perspective of the brain and how we can optimize it for better performance, good habits and satisfying achievements.

During the workshop you might be surprised by the true mechanisms that are behind our attention and why many of us struggle so hard to get anything done at all! After the workshop you will have gained a great deal of insight in the neuroscience of focus and how to practically use that knowledge for your benefit, as well as benefiting others like your team members. Actionable tools and models will be shared that can be applied right away to start optimizing your focus on a daily basis.

 Learn about focus, attention and habits on the level of your brain

 Discover how this translates to specific tools you can use in your daily life

Start taking control over your work and life through powerful focus

Please note that there is a minimum group size of 10 people for this workshop.

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