Training – Optimizing Careers | Incompany | 1 day

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What’s the key to ´plan´ a career in this age where career options abound? In other words, how do we constrain all these thousands of different career paths you could possibly choose, to a few that may be most fulfilling? In this workshop I will share with your team some important ideas and exercises about career planning. These are based on different evidence based sources as well on the application of the cutting-edge science of complexity. All of this will be put together by my personal struggles in career planning and what specific lessons I took away from my bumpy career start.

Learn a new way to think of careers which suits our complex world better

Get inspiration and new directions for going about career planning

Support the (young) professionals in your company with their career struggles

Please note that there is a minimum group size of 5 people for this as a workshop. The training format can be adapted to your specific needs.

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Half day (4 hours in morning or afternoon)

Group size

Min. 5 participants
Max. 30 participants


English or Dutch


This is an 'incompany' workshop, meant for scale-up or corporate teams. The price of this workshop is for a group of max. 30 participants.