Workshop – Optimizing Resilience

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This workshop will focus on providing you or your team with an essential toolbox for staying mentally fit and resilient for sustainable performance. Few people have a solid understanding of what it takes to sustain themselves or their team through the intensities and stresses of a professional or entrepreneurial life. During the workshop you get a fundamental understanding of stress and resilience based on insights from neuroscience and cutting edge psychology. You will receive important evidence-based tools that help to rewire and optimize your brain for making maximum impact.

There will be plenty of time to interact and practice during the workshop. Most importantly, you will be safely guided into the experience of how to work with your own stress reactions. The workshop will be structured with theoretical concepts and powerful – but simple – exercises, that you can take home and implement easily into you daily life.

Learn about the neurobiology of stress and resilience

Receive simple but effective tools to increase your resilience

Protect yourself or your team from the risks of chronic stress, burnout and loss of performance.

Please note that there is a minimum group size of 10 people for this workshop.

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