60 minute Coaching-Counseling Session (online)

125.00 excl. VAT (BTW)



In a coaching or counseling session we will work from the broader perspective of your life: what your trajectory in life is and where you would like to adjust. For transformational change it is necessary to work on deeper levels of our body and mind. The keys to change often lie not in our rational, conscious brain, but rather in our unconscious. Working in these layers is most easy and effective with guidance of a safe and present other. Working together in individuals sessions we will combine different neurobiological and psychological tools that carry you towards well-being and optimal performance. Some of the goals you might have:

  • Emotional intelligence and psychological integration
  • Leadership personally or professionally in your (work)life
  • Embodiment of your values and authentic self
  • Meaning, fulfillment or spirituality (beyond religion)
  • A healthy and strong body
  • A flexible and coherent mind
  • For men specifically: rediscovering your authentic masculinity

Together we can work on one or more of the obstacles that can present itself in your life, a few examples are:

  • Experiencing chronic stress, burnout or trauma
  • Noticing ineffective communication at work or at home, leaving yourself and others frustrated
  • Anxiety or feelings of insecurity
  • Having difficulties setting boundaries with others or yourself
  • Feeling stuck with some dilemma, for example life or career choices