Are you ready to go further than just theory, tips and tricks? Then this is an invitation to your next step of true transformation. As a human you can grow optimally within the presence of a safe and compassionate other. Book a free meeting with me to discover the power of a such a presence to assist you in your journey. The first consult is completely free with no commitments!


Why choose for individual sessions?

In individual session we will work from the broader perspective of your life: what your trajectory in life is and where you would like to adjust. For transformational change it is necessary to work on deeper levels of our body and mind. The keys to change often lie not in our rational, conscious brain, but rather in our unconscious. Working in these layers is most easy and effective with guidance of a safe and present other. Working together in individuals sessions we will combine different neurobiological and psychological tools that carry you towards well-being and optimal performance:

  • Emotional intelligence and psychological integration
  • Leadership in your life and work
  • Embodiment of your values and authentic self
  • Spirituality, meaning and connection
  • A healthy and strong body
  • A flexible and coherent mind
  • For men specifically: rediscovering authentic masculinity


In my journey I always look for answers that are grounded in science and reality, not in blind faith. These are important values to me. And also I remain curious and open minded towards new discoveries and new insights. The people that work with me usually think the same way and value reason, integrity and a scientific understanding. You can trust that we share these values in working together.


Reasons to work together

Together we can work on one or more of the obstacles that present themselves in our life. Typical obstacles to a flourishing live are:

  • Experiencing chronic stress or burnout
  • Not knowing how to make a change either in a team or as a leader
  • Missing resilience and balance in the face of stress and challenges
  • Having a hard time caring for you body and making yourself strong
  • Feeling anxious for pitching or other speaking engagements
  • Noticing ineffective communication at work or at home, leaving yourself and others frustrated
  • Feeling insecure with women or in building a satisfying relationship
  • You need inspiration on how to work effectively and productively
  • You want yourself, your team or organization to be inspired regarding subjects like stress, health, resilience and well-being


How 1-on-1 sessions work

Individual sessions are similar to traditional coaching, however I do not view myself as a coach in the traditional way. I would like to reinforce that we will work in collaboration: two equal individuals working together on a shared goal related to optimizing a part of your life. In the way I work, you are the expert on yourself. The key is always in your pocket: I only help you find it. In the first session you will set the agenda for working together, addressing some part of your (work)life that is an obstacle to being a flourishing human. From there on we will work step by step toward improvement.