Effortless Workshop / Seminar

Effortless: The New Science of Biological Self-organization and How to Live with Ease, Flow and Fulfillment


As a part of a crowdpublishing campaign for my new book Effortless, I’m offering a special workshop / seminar that gives early access to the most important insights and tools!

Included in the workshop for free is the new book (as a pre-order, to be released early 2019) and an extra gift, my ebook on Optimizing Resilience with 10 powerful tools to unlock your true resilience and well-being.

The book and workshop will integrate 10 years of collecting research, insights and experience in what’s now called biological self-organization. This is the new science of how living systems organize themselves to survive and thrive.

In the workshop I will share with you the most important insights and tools from the book. We will spend time both on the science and practice of helping your body and mind self-organize for more ease, flow and well-being. A few of the key topics you’ll learn about:

  • How we can be more effective in work and life by making less effort
  • How body, brain and mind can self-organize for optimal functioning in a high-intensity culture
  • How our biology is wired to safely and deeply release stress and restore our innate capacity for well-being

During the workshop you’ll get the key insights and tools around these topics. You can use that information not only for your own benefit, but also for the benefit of other people you live and work with.

This seminar / workshop is specifically relevant to millennials / young professionals / high potentials. The tools from Effortless offer new options in dealing with the challenges of their (work)life and helps them to develop a successful and healthy career.

During the campaign (until September 1st, 2018) teams or organisations only have to pre-order the book for all participants, without any extra fees for the seminar / workshop!* The event can be planned after the campaign ends, but pre-orders need to placed before the campaign deadline. The seminar / workshop will take 2 hours and can be tailored to your group’s specific interests.

If you want to discuss this for your team or organisation, or if you have any questions about the workshop, book or crowdpublishing campaign you can contact me through the following information:


Phone: +316 28 36 40 68

Mail: bas@optimizeme.nl

Website: optimizeme.nl/en

Crowdpublishing campaign: publishizer.com/effortless/


* Minimum of 15 participants. A pre-order of the book is $21.



22 augustus 2018