About Optimize Me

With Optimize Me I make a flourishing and resilient life available to you, through the information on this website, workshops and sessions with individuals and teams.

On my own journey I have searched for truths about a flourishing live. With the experiences and knowledge I have gathered up to this point I can help you optimize the fundamental aspects of your life as well. At Optimize Me you will find only the most useful and scientifically backed methods for achieving flourishing in your work and personal life.



My mission is to help you and other high-potentials maximize the positive impact you can make in the world. I have seen the amazing potential that is present in people that feel the calling to create a better world. I want these people to fully realize their potential and impact. My way to help with this is to guide and give tools that will optimize their lives for resilience, well-being and happiness. By changing and optimizing ourselves, we change and optimize the world around us!


About Bas (Professional Biography)

Bas Snippert, MSc., helps entrepreneurs, leaders and teams transform their work and personal life. He works with fascinating insights from modern sciences like Neurobiology, Positive Psychology and Complexity Science, as well as with the classic wisdom that can be found in spiritual traditions. He helps intelligent people find their way back to their intuitive nature. Without losing sight of reason and rationality. Bas has a bachelor’s degree in International Land- & Watermanagement and a master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering. He has been working as an entrepreneur for several years and successfully participated in Europe’s best startup accelerator, Startupbootcamp. During this time he built his knowledge and affinity with the startup world. He has a continuing apprenticeship with executive coach Esther van Toledo and is currently training in Somatic Experiencing, the NeuroAffective Relational Model and learning about Complex Systems Theory at Santa Fe Institute. Next to this he practices meditation and has participated in retreats in The Netherlands (S.N. Goenka) and France (Thich Nhat Hanh). At the moment Bas works with international clients located in The Netherlands through individual sessions, workshops and retreats. He is also a trainer at Salvaj, an organisation that hosts nature-based personal development courses in Sale San Giovanni, Italy.