The biggest myth about flow

In my coaching practice and training we often talk a lot about stress and flow. One thing that I discovered is that many people mistake being in ‘flow’ for actually over-stressing themselves. This isn’t too surprising since flow is a bit of a subjective and vague word. However, there is a different way of looking at flow that can help you understand what is and isn’t a true flow state. To clear up myths about flow we have to take a neurobiological perspective.

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Measure your resilience with Heart Rate Variability using your smartphone

Introduction In our day and age many of us have to deal with a growing load of information and chronic stress. Dealing with this can be very challenging and requires us to actively manage the amount of information and stress we take in each day. One very helpful resource in this can be measuring your Heart Rate Variability. Let’s take a look at what Heart Rate Variability is and how it can help you.

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Oriëntatiereactie: jezelf kalmeren tijdens je dag

De oriëntatiereactie is een biologische, aangeboren reflex die mensen en andere zoogdieren bezitten. Hoewel maar weinig mensen zich bewust zijn van dit mechanisme, biedt het een enorme hulpbron voor het ontspannen en kalmeren van je zenuwstelsel gedurende de dag.

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